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Date: January 1st, 2019

Time: 9 A.M.

Price: $30


Maximum number of players: 48 players

Address:  SWAN Ping Pong Club, 1257 Tasman Dr, Ste C, Sunnyvale CA 94089


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2018 TT Dream Open FINAL RESULTS:

  • Group A 1st: Victor Liu, $300 & Trophy
  • Group A 2nd: Ying Liu, $180 & Trophy
  • Group A 3rd: Angela Guan, $80 & Trophy
  • Group B 1st: Ryan Wu, $150 & Trophy
  • Group B 2nd: Danny Hui, $70 & Trophy
  • Group B 3rd: George Siu, 3rd: $40 & Trophy
  • Group C 1st: Long Tran, $100 & Trophy
  • Group C 2nd: Rahul Kadian, $50 & Trophy
  • Group C 3rd: Terrence Liu, $30 & Trophy


USA Table Tennis -2016 Table Tennis Dream Open and Fund Raising for Charity event

Official Balls: Nittaku 3 star Premium 40+ balls, sponsored by Paddle Palace

Sign up for 2019 Dream Open now Waiting List Click HERE

This is a non-sanctioned tournament for fun and practice for 2018 US OPEN. (It will not change or affect your rating.) All proceeds from this event will be donated directly to  Africa's poor kids via TZU-CHI Foundation. Asian Dream Foundation will donate 5 times the amount of your donation to TZU-CHI Foundation.



Official Tournament Equipment: DHS Tables, nets, and barriers, Nittaku 3 Star Premium 40+ ball (Sponsored by Paddle Palace), and red rubberized mat floor.

Rules: All USATT & ITTF regulations, including equipment, conduct, dress code, and discipline apply. All matches will be best of 5 sets.

Default: Check in 30 minutes prior to start time of your 1st event to avoid default

Refund: No Refund


  • Pre-game (round robin format): 48 players will be grouped into 16 groups with 3 players in each group. After the 48 players play their matches, each group will have A, B, and C. All A players will be grouped with other A players. All B players will be grouped with other B players. All C players will be grouped with other players. 
  • Single Elimination: All players in each group( A,B,C) will go into a single elimination playoff. 


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